The Process

We begin with a conversation – what do you need, want, like, dislike. We then schedule a custom fitting appointment to correctly measure both horse and rider. Our goal is to achieve perfect balance by combining the fit with a properly constructed seat. Each saddle is specifically tailored to each individual.

Back at our workshop we trace the pattern for each flap of the saddle onto paper, then cut out each shape. The patterns are then transferred to the leather of your choice. Each flap is hand cut from our selection of buffalo and calf hides that are imported from England and France.

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“I could not recommend it more highly.”

“I’ve been eventing since 1962, and have spent most of that 42 years looking for the perfect jumping saddle. Finally, I’ve discovered it. My Stackhouse saddle fits me, fits a wide range of horses, and makes staying centered over a fence easy. I could not recommend it more highly.”
– Denny Emerson

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