I always had a problem with my horses right lead canter being lateral. His canter returned to 3-beats from the first ride.
– Scott McGarr

I highly recommend utilizing the wonderful customer service and have David and Leslie custom fit your horse. I have two totally different horses and they helped me with the two totally different rides and therefore saddles I needed for each of them.
– Susan Gurin

I am 5’10’’ and when I received my new Stackhouse I put the stirrups and irons from my old saddle on it. They were still on the same hole from showing Intermediate XC and I could instantly put them up four holes! You wouldn’t believe how stable it can make you feel being able to ride with the correct length stirrup until you have a saddle that accepts your leg length.
– Debbie Place

After a hip replacement I realized I needed a new saddle that didn’t hurt or I would have to give up riding. After riding in my Stackhouse saddle for the first week not only was I pain free but I couldn’t believe the difference in how my horse went! Whether the custom fit for him or me being pain free was the reason, we are so happy with the result.
– Kath Hartley

My mare had a reputation for bucking in the canter. After trying my trainers Stackhouse on her she stopped bucking! I had her fitted for a new Stackhouse saddle thinking my saddle didn’t fit her but it was as much of the balance of my old saddle putting me in the wrong position as the fit. I am now not behind her balance and motion.
– Jamie Bolanger

I had trouble with my leg slipping back when I jumped. My trainer told me I needed a saddle with a more forward flap so I could shorten my stirrups. I tried many different saddles and there was always a problem. I would like how it fit my horse but not me or the flap would work but the balance was off so I bought a Stackhouse. My horse can be strong XC, with my new saddle I can shorten my stirrups and she can’t pull me forward. No more scary long distances!
– Olivia Hecker

I have ridden many horses in many saddles whilst teaching lessons and clinics. It is amazing how many riders are struggling with their tack while blaming their inability or feeling unbalanced and scared in the wrong position. Once you know where your balance should be, you can feel when an incorrectly balanced saddle won’t let you get there. If you don’t know where that place is you may not realize that your saddle is getting in the way. There is a lot more to fitting a saddle than it not touching the withers. David Stackhouse has a gift for perfectly balancing his saddles. He takes the fit of the horse with the needs (and wants) of the rider and blends them together in balance. No matter what strange combinations I have had him fit, he manages to make it work!
– Debbie Place

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying my Stackhouse Jumping Saddle.

As you know I am a 6′ 2″, 230 pound adult amateur rider competing a large bodied 17h 2″ Draft x thoroughbred horse so the regular, off-the-shelf saddles, did not exactly fit either Tiny or me. As I was training over this past winter I became more and more aware that I was fighting my saddles to stay in balance with my horse and finally made the decision to get a custom saddle for my horse & I. This has proven to be a very good and enlightening decision.

I have found that from the very first ride my balance, on my horses back, has improved significantly. I find that I no longer tip forward, nor backward either for that matter, like I did in my previous saddles and my hands have become much quieter and steadier since my upper body is no longer moving around to keep me balanced in the “correct” position. I have been able to shorten my stirrups 1 more hole during jumping which improves my ability to stay off my horses back over fences because I am in a much more balanced position. I find that even when I ride in dressage position, in the jumping saddle, my position remains balanced and centered and I can influence my horse much more easily.

The biggest change I have noticed however is my position when galloping and jumping my horse cross country in competition or doing gallop conditioning in the fields and tracks. Tiny has slipped unexpectedly, as all horses do from time to time, and in my previous saddle it is my opinion that my horse and I would have parted company at speed. Thanks to the superb balance and position I am now experiencing, due to this excellent saddle, I have been able to stay centered over my horse and allow him to re-balance himself and continue onward with no injury to either one of us.

Thanks you to both David and Leslie for crafting me such an excellent piece of tack and I look forward to purchasing additional saddles for my current and future horses.

Darrel Pyke